{Invitation Inspiration} Aqua Blue + Slate Gray Banded Wedding Invites

Aqua blue and slate gray wedding invitation with custom liner

Turquoise blue and dark gray wedding invitation with crystals

Aqua blue and slate gray banded wedding invitation with crystals

I’ve been getting into gray lately.  It pairs so well with just about all other colors, and is a softer touch than black.  This invitation is part of  a sample set I created for a recent client, with some color changes.

While the aqua blue, slate gray, and pearlized ivory color scheme is unique and beautiful enough, this invitation also has bunches of other features I want to discuss.  The first would be the band on the back to hold enclosures in place.  Banded invitations are a great alternative to pocket invitations for brides who want a flat invitation (versus folding), but still want a way of keeping their enclosures neatly organized.  They’re also a more economic alternative to pocket invitations for brides who choose to spend less.

Next, I’ve had lots of clients ask for custom envelope liners, lately.  I love them!  I think they add so much to the overall invitation, and give extra strength and weight to single mailing envelopes.  Additionally, some of my clients have been doing really unique things with their custom liners.  One client emphasized her wedding date on her save-the-date liner.  Another client used it as “the perfect spot” for her wedding website address.  We used repeating lines of the couples’ names on another liner.  And other clients have just used the liner to echo or enhance the graphics or color of the invitation itself.  The best part: envelope liners are a fairly inexpensive option that adds a lot of oomph to your wedding invitation!

Crystals have been another repeated trend for my clients this year.  So on this sample, I used 6 Swarovski crystals to embellish the printed design.  Crystals are another fairly inexpensive option for wedding invitations.  They come in such a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes that they can be incorporated into just about any style of invitation.

So now back to the possibilities with gray…  Consider the same invitation with the same design as in the photos above using lilac purple as the accent instead of aqua blue.  Now envision a light rose pink instead of aqua blue.  Pumpkin orange with gray would make a really beautiful fall wedding invitation, don’t you think?  Add black in place of the aqua and this invitation becomes so sophisticated, it hurts.  Using red and gray printed on pearlized white instead of pearlized champagne would make a gorgeous, snowy, winter invitation.  And using lime green with this shade of gray on bright matte white paper would be fresh and clean; a totally different feel altogether.

Yes, I’ve decided I really like gray!

Invitation: Dogwood Blossom Stationery & Invitation Studio, LLC


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