{Retro-Mod} Finding Inspiration in Everyday Objects

Red Retro-Mod Wedding Invitation
Red and white retro-mod dot-and-line pattern
Punch cup with retro-mod design

Today I wanted to write about finding inspiration in everyday objects.  When I speak with new clients, I always ask them to send me “inspiration” for their invitation.  I tell them to show me photos, designs, motifs, and styles that appeal to them.  This inspiration is so important in helping me get to know my clients and understand their taste preferences!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I collect glassware.  I like it all, from expensive cut crystal to cheaply etched brandy snifters.  As long as it’s something you don’t see everyday (or anymore), I crave it.  Thrift stores and flea markets are great places to find these poor little cast-off glasses that I find so intriguing.  Recently, at a flea market, I found a set of these retro-mod punch cups.  They have tiny little round handles and a white painted-on pattern of lines and dots.  I fell in love with them, instantly.

Earlier this week I was admiring my mishmash collection of glassware and my little punch cups stood out.  I decided to use them as an example of finding inspiration in everyday objects, and I created a simple invitation based on their retro-mod pattern.  It would be so easy to create an entire wedding suite using this design in white and bold red.  I can easily see a table with lines of seating cards, each one coordinating perfectly with the invitation; white favor boxes containing truffles, wrapped in paper bands printed with the same red mod pattern; matching menus at each place setting would add instant (and easy) color to tables, and red textured thank you cards adorned with dots and lines would round-out this wedding suite perfectly…  All this from a punch cup I picked up at a flea market!

I wonder what you have – in your life, your collections, your living space, your imagination – that would make great inspiration for an invitation design.  I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me!