{Fun} Business Card Love

Fabric wedding stationer business cardsFabric wedding stationer business cards

Several posts ago, I discussed the joys of using fabric on wedding invitations.  I also told you at that time that I was super excited about my new business cards – which also use fabric – and that I would share them with you here someday.  Well, the day has come!

I’m super-excited to share my new business cards with you!  They are printed on toothy bright white paper and bonded to a really great white cotton canvas fabric screenprinted with a black lattice pattern.  The corners are rounded to give them an extra touch of detail.  These new cards are super thick, weighty little things, and they bring me great joy whenever I grab for one.  Trust me, they’re a keeper.  (wink)

I really love my new cards and I feel like they fit my style better than my previous cards, which were printed on a creamy pearlized cardstock.  Though many people complimented them, I just felt like they didn’t get the message across of what I “do” – which is: I take invitations and paper goods to a totally different level by stepping out of the realm of paper alone, and by incorporating dimensional elements that make things really pop.

Color.  Embellishment.  Dimension.  That’s what Dogwood Blossom Stationery is all about.


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